Sophear Nam

Sophear started Eagle Nest Real Estate Investment, LLC in 2012. She wanted to be available for her young children and working full time as a corporate engineer was not going to help her accomplish that goal. After her second child was born in 2011, she transferred the money she had in her corporate retirement account to a self directed IRA and purchased a small house in Tracy, California. She also bought a fixer upper in Hillsboro, Oregon from the bank. Within 6 months, Sophear repaired and remodeled the Hillsboro property and sold it with multiple offers. The house in Tracy was rented for a year. When the tenant move out, Sophear remodeled the property and sold it with profit reaching 50% ROI. After this sale, Sophear had more than doubled the retirement capital in the self directed IRA. These first real estate transactions were just the beginning for Sophear and in cultivating her natural talent for real estate analysis.

While Sophear considers herself “self-taught” in the real estate business and in architectural design, she obtained a building designer certificate through American Institute of Building Design. This allowed her to design the needed changes to the purchased properties and made way for the creation of an affiliated company, Eagle Nest Construction, LLC.

Thy Nam

Thy is Sophear’s big brother and one of her strongest supporters. Before joining Eagle Nest,  he supported his family working various jobs as a handyman and property manager. The proud father of two grown children, his son is studying computer science at Oregon State University and his daughter graduated from  Harvard medical school.

When Sophear bought her first property in Oregon, it was natural to ask big brother for help. The partnership has strengthened the business and it did not take long before Thy joined Eagle Nest full time.

Crisabel Thomas

Crisabel met Sophear while their daughters were starting at a kindergarten childcare program. Eagle Nest was in its early days and Crisabel was doing a daily 50 mile commute into work. Both new moms, they were both worried about leaving their first born for work and experiencing all the anxieties that come with doing the right thing for their child. While their girls became fast friends, the commute, the corporate life and the knowledge that Crisabel was missing out on her daughter’s growing years was taking its toll. After 20 years with the same company, Crisabel left her job as a Compliance Officer for a global money management firm in 2016. She had no future plans beyond spending the summer with her daughter and husband, then figuring out the family income after. In a serendipitous meeting with Sophear at a school orchestra concert, Crisabel started learning about Eagle Nest. By the Fall of 2016, Crisabel was working with Sophear and sharing the vision for the company.