What we do

Our mission is simple: provide families with a place to call home and the means to build a strong financial nest egg for the future. Our holistic approach to the services we provide makes the home buying and investing process affordable. We strongly believe in investing back into the community through charitable giving and community involvement so that we may continue to build a solid foundation for the future.

Our Vision

Eagle Nest is committed to providing its clients and business partners with quality craftsmanship and products. By bringing together various services under one roof, we are able to offer specialized expertise in the field of real estate investing and building construction to become your trusted partner. We are driven to finding the right property and generating income from those properties. We can streamline the home buying process and partner with our clients to help build their quality home at an affordable price.

How we do this

We create income through the purchase of significantly undervalued/distressed property and develop the land and/or existing structure to increase the market value of the property. The work varies from simple small modernizing face lifts to large and complicated land subdivision and addition of new buildings. Upon completion of the work, the property is then re-evaluated for current market price with an anticipated profit margin attained through the property’s resale value and/or ongoing rental income.

  1. Find property. Leverage our knowledge of specific housing markets and use our expertise to analyze the potential of each property. Each property is hand picked through research and due diligence, to ensure it meets our stringent criteria as a potential income property project
  2. Evaluate build feasibility. Hand in hand with finding the right property, we also look at possible land use and necessary requirements to maximize the profit margin for each property. This may require having to work with the city for possible rezoning of property for the subdivision of land and construction of new buildings. The build feasibility also takes into account the condition of the housing market, cost of necessary permits, and cost of the actual build. Only properties evaluated with a high potential investment return are purchased
  3. Acquisition of property. Working with our skilled broker, we negotiate and secure the property at the best possible price for our investors
  4. Renovation/ Upgrade. This is the build, and the creation of the property’s potential. All necessary repairs and safety upgrades are made to ensure compliance with building codes. The building’s floor plan/layout may be changed to accommodate modern living, including a remodel and update of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and appliances
  5. Turn the property. Our end product and where we maximize the resale value. For income properties, we turn the property as soon as all safety and necessary repairs have been addressed and deemed in good condition. The majority of the properties are sold at top market price for profit to the investor

Here is the math: an example of investment return

Purchase price of property                                                             $350,000

Rehab cost of of property                                                              $130,000

Total investment                                                                              $480,000

Property sold at                                                                             $625,000

Less Total Investment                                                                  $480,000

 Return of Investment (Gross Profit)                                         $145,000